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At Midwest Shooting Center, you'll find a firearms training program that is truly the only of its kind in the industry. Our curriculum is designed for all skill levels, but as you progress through our program, you will become more confident and competent in your firearm abilities. Consistent practice through reoccurring training will keep your skills sharp due to the amount of repetition you get.

Training Benefits

Discounts on Select Ammo

Access to Dryfire Lessons
Personalized attention
Build Confidence Through Regular Practice

$50 Credit on Core Classes

Earn Unique MSC Patches
Flexible Scheduling
A Community That Supports Your Goals

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How it Works

Make an Appointment

Make an Appointment

Contact us to schedule an appointment with our training manager. This initial meeting is crucial to understanding your needs and goals.

Meet your Trainer

Meet with a Trainer

During your appointment, you'll meet with our experienced Training Manager. They'll provide detailed information about our training programs and give you a comprehensive tour of our facility, so you can see firsthand what we offer.

Firearms Training

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After your consultation and tour, you'll be ready to start your training journey. We'll help you schedule your first session to get you started on the path to confidence and proficiency.

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As you advance through our comprehensive firearm training program, your skills and knowledge will be tested at various stages. Upon successfully completing each level, you'll be rewarded with unique, custom-designed patches that symbolize your achievements. These patches not only recognize your dedication and progress but also serve as a proud testament to your growing expertise and commitment to firearm safety and proficiency.

Identify Your Personal Training Plan

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Training for Firearms

The Benefits of Firearms Training

Proper training is essential for safe and responsible firearm ownership. At Midwest Shooting Center, our unique training program offers customized instruction to meet the specific needs and skill levels of each participant. As you progress through our program, you'll experience increased safety, improved accuracy, better preparedness, enhanced confidence, and refined mind-body coordination. With over 1,600 satisfied clients, our comprehensive training will help you develop the skills and confidence needed to become a responsible firearm owner.

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"I wanted to thank everyone at Midwest, I have been in the shooting and training industry for 23 years, I have never been to nicer facility. The building is amazing but the staff is even better. Train with these folks you will not regret it."

- Jimmy Creed