How to properly store your firearm when not in use

October 13th, 2023   |   By Midwest Shooting Center

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Owning a firearm comes with a great responsibility—the duty to ensure its safe and secure storage when not in use, particularly for firearms not intended for immediate self-defense. Proper firearm storage is crucial for the safety of your loved ones, as well as for preventing unauthorized access. In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential steps to securely store your firearms that are not designated for self-defense scenarios.

1. Choose the Right Storage Container: Investing in a quality firearm storage container is the first step in responsible gun ownership. Consider options like gun safes, lockboxes, or dedicated firearm cabinets. Ensure that the chosen container is made of sturdy materials and has a reliable locking mechanism.

2. Keep Firearms Unloaded: Before storing any firearm, make sure it is unloaded. Remove all ammunition from the gun and double-check the chamber to ensure it is empty. This is a fundamental safety measure that should never be overlooked.

3. Use Trigger Locks: Trigger locks are an additional layer of security. They are designed to prevent the trigger from being pulled, rendering the firearm inoperable. These locks are affordable and easy to use, making them an excellent choice for added safety.

4. Separate Firearms from Ammunition: To enhance safety, store firearms and ammunition separately. This reduces the risk of accidents and ensures that even if someone gains access to one, they cannot immediately use the other.

5. Consider Biometric Safes: Biometric safes add an extra level of security by requiring fingerprint identification for access. This advanced technology ensures that only authorized individuals can open the safe, providing peace of mind for firearm owners.

6. Educate Family Members: It's crucial to educate everyone in your household about firearm safety, even if they do not personally use firearms. Make sure they understand the importance of not touching firearms without supervision and the potential dangers associated with mishandling.

7. Secure Storage Location: Choose a secure and discreet location for your firearm storage container. Avoid obvious or easily accessible areas, such as under the bed. The goal is to keep firearms out of sight and out of reach of unauthorized individuals.

Owning firearms is a responsibility that should never be taken lightly. By following these steps for proper firearm storage, you contribute to a safer environment for yourself and those around you. Responsible gun ownership starts with secure storage practices.

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