5 Reasons to Choose FLP

February 2nd, 2024   |   By Midwest Shooting Center

MSC FLP partnership

Are you searching for legal protection along with peace of mind for yourself? When it comes to unforeseen situations, having someone in your corner is invaluable. Unlike insurance, with FLP, you are guaranteed representation and coverage when you need it most. Firearm Legal Protection is a company that is dedicated to providing legal defense coverage and support for firearm owners across the United States.

Here are 5 Reasons Why FLP Varies From Traditional Insurance and why we've partnered with them to help bring you the legal protection you deserve.

1. No Reimbursement - Unlike traditional insurance, FLP is pre-paid legal. They pay legal fees directly to attorneys, so you do not pay anything additional out of pocket. Typical insurance policies do not guarantee the reimbursement of all legal fees.

2. Uncapped Attorney Fees - With FLP, there is no limit on the attorney fees FLP pays for; both civil AND criminal cases. Additionally, the attorney is local to you and experienced in self-defense.

3. Attorney-Client Privilege, The Moment You Need It - In the event that you need to use FLP, the first call you will make is to their 24/7 hotline that is staffed with attorneys, meaning that you are protected under attorney-client privilege immediately. With traditional insurance, the person picking up the phone is not an attorney and is not protected; therefore, can be used against you and replayed in court if necessary.

4. It's Not Just Attorney Fees! - FLP doesn't just pay for attorney fees, they also pay for expert witnesses, private investigators, lost wages, clean-up, and more!

5. Upfront Policies - Traditional insurance providers may refuse coverage depending on the circumstances in addition to capping insurance fees. FLP is upfront about their policies and protection is guaranteed. As an added bonus, FLP covers any legal weapon, not just firearms.

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