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MSC Membership

Hello and thank you for becoming a valued member of our community! We are thrilled to have you join the MSC Family.

This portal serves as your exclusive gateway to a wealth of information and perks tailored specifically to enhance your membership experience with us. Here, you'll find everything you need to make the most out of your membership, from detailed explanations of our various perks to important updates and announcements.

As a member, you're now part of a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for shooting sports and firearm safety. Whether you're a seasoned marksman or just starting out, this portal is your go-to resource for all things related to your Midwest Shooting Center membership.

MSC membership icon Range Membership Benefits

Online Lane Reservations

As a range member you get the exclusive ability to reserve your lane online. By reserving your lane online it gets you on the range faster, with minimal wait times. Visit your locations page to reserve a lane today!

Free Guest Passes

Going to the range is always better with a friend! That's why every month you get free guest passes to be able to bring their friends and family along. To redeem, bring your guest to the range and check in with them.

Monthly Ammo Reserve

Range members get exclusive access to our ammo reserve the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month starting at 5pm. During the reserve you get the lowest price available on select ammo.

Members-Only Lounge

After an exhilarating time on the range, our range members can unwind in our exclusive members-only lounge. Here, you can relax, grab a snack, or connect with fellow members in the serene ambiance of the lounge.

$150 training discount

Training is key to building and refining your shooting skills, that's why our range members get a $150 training discount for our semi-private training program.

Additional discounts

Range members get access to additional discounts including 25% off rentals and 25% off core classes. Our expansive rental selection is sure to keep you trying new things and our classroom based courses help keep you informed.

MSC retail icon Retail Membership Benefits

Industry Minimum

As a retail member, you enjoy firearms at the industry's minimum cost, ensuring you always access the best rates, guaranteed! Not sure your cost, speak with one of our associates to get your special pricing!

10% Discount

Receive a consistent 10% discount on all regularly priced items. Get everything you need without ever wondering if you'll find a better deal. It's like an extra special sale just for you all the time.

FFL Transfers

As a retail member, you get FREE non-NFA FFL transfer fees and 50% off NFA FFL transfer fees. Ensuring you're always able to get your firearms in hand at the lowest cost possible.

Flash Sales

With your retail membership you gain early access to exclusive flash sales! Giving you the ability to get those highly anticipated items that sell out fast.

$150 Training Discount

Training is key to building and refining your shooting skills, that's why our retail members get a $150 training discount for our semi-private training program.

Additional discounts

Retail members get access to additional discounts including 25% off core classes. Our classroom based sessions help you build essential skills in your firearms journey.

MSC membership icon Additional Membership Options

MSC Range Time

VIP Membership

Get the best of both worlds at a discounted price with our VIP Membership! As a VIP, relish the thrill of unlimited access to our cutting-edge shooting facilities, ensuring your every session is marked by precision and exhilaration. But the VIP treatment extends beyond the range, granting you firearms at cost and a consistent 10% off regularly priced items in our retail haven. Enjoy priority lane reservations, personalized training sessions, and invitations to members-only events, making every visit a VIP experience tailored just for you.

Join the elite circle of enthusiasts who demand the best in both shooting and retail offerings—become a VIP at Midwest Shooting Range today and indulge in the ultimate membership experience.

Please not that our VIP membership is available at select locations, view your location page for more details.

MSC Range Time

Family Add-On Membership

Family time is unique, and no one understands that better than the Midwest Shooting Center. That's why we offer our exclusive family membership plans. With our family plan you can have the whole family join the Midwest Shooting Center family to gain all the above memberships perks at a reduced rate, which means less money out of pocket.

This special plan requires a primary membership plan before adding on additional family. These memberships must share the same address to qualify for the reduced rates.


Training Consult

As part of being a member with us, you receive a FREE training consult. Schedule a time today to learn how our semi-private training is built to help you become and stay proficient.

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Earn free months on your range membership! Exclusive to our Range and VIP members, you can earn (1) free month of membership for every friend or family member you refer who becomes a member. There is no limit to how many free months you can earn, refer a friend today by clicking the link below.

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Customer Service

Should you have any questions regarding your membership account or benefits please visit our contact page to be directed to the correct department to help handle your request.

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Firearms Legal Protection (FLP) provides uncapped legal defense for members who use a firearm (or any legal weapon) in self-defense or the defense of others. Sign up to receive legal protection against Red Flag laws, and be provided access to webinars, FLP product discounts, and more.

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Do you offer family memberships?

We offer a Secondary Platinum Family Add-On. If you sign up as a Platinum member, you can add family members that are 18 years old or older for ½ price. Each family member would need their own add on membership or family members can utilize guest passes.

How old do you have to be to become a member

18 years old.

How many guest passes come with a membership?

The Platinum membership comes with (3) guest passes per month. You can bring the same person or a different person each time. Passes do not carry over each month.

As a member, am I able to use the other MSC locations?

Yes, your membership is reciprocal, so you can use your benefits at all locations as a member.

What are the Enhancement Fees used for?

The range enhancement fees help us maintain of the range and update technologies.