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Midwest Shooting Center is the first legitimate full-service indoor range-retailer to register and be eligible to franchise its brand. Our franchisees will be given the full support of Midwest Shooting Center corporate staff along with our playbook for success. Everything from assisting with real estate acquisition, zoning, construction management, franchisee   staff training, branding   marketing, continuously updated operations manual, and post-opening field-level support is included in being part of the Midwest Shooting Center family. Our arrangement with our franchisees breaks down barriers for prospective range operators by expediting their learning curve and providing them with immediate economies of scale- a must-have in a crowded industry.

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Why Franchise With Midwest Shooting Center?

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Innovative Business Model

We have a proven model built on systems, processes, and diverse revenue streams—2 of which are subscription-based and recurring. The typical Midwest Shooting Center has over 85% of its’ costs covered via these departments within the first 12 months in operation.

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Comprehensive Franchise Plan

You will receive training and support on every aspect of the business—compliance, purchasing, accounting, marketing, sales management, and day-to-day operations. We walk side-by-side with our Franchisees from the very beginning.

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Proven Success

As an industry leader, we have the experience and knowledge to break down barriers that exist when entering into this highly regulated industry.

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Our Brand

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Midwest Shooting Center seeks to do things differently. For far too long indoor firearm range/retail locations have been characterized as “intimidating”, “unfriendly”, “unwelcoming”, and primarily catering to the expert enthusiast. At Midwest Shooting Center, you will find an inviting, modernized, experience-driven business. We take pride in the surprisingly personable approach our staff takes with each and every customer. Our brand seeks to accommodate the full spectrum of firearms enthusiasts, but goes above and beyond to appeal to new and novice shooters.

Midwest Shooting Center is an open, welcoming, family-friendly brand of shooting ranges with a focus on creating a modern, relaxed, non-intimidating atmosphere that appeals to both newcomers and experienced shooters alike.

The firearms industry is substantial, but entry into the industry is very difficult.

Industry barriers and how Midwest Shooting Center will help you overcome them:

Lack of established “best practice” driven business model

Industry Barrier: The industry is extremely fragmented and mostly driven by the firearm hobbyist (or expert enthusiast) that wants to sell guns, firearms training, etc. for a living. Littered with 1-off operators there is a lack of consistency and consistent outcomes in the industry.

Our Solution: Our business focus has been focused on de-commoditizing ourselves relative to our peers in the industry. By focusing on customers that are seeking community, training, and high-touch product education, we have been able to reinvent the traditional business model orientation that most range-retailers prescribe to.

Unproven track record of profitability

Industry Barrier: The 80/20 rule applies to the firearms industry as it does in most everything. Most of the profitability is recorded in the top 20% of operators. These are traditionally backed by serious business people who, while likely have an affinity for firearms, run their business professionally, systematically, and strategically. They keep their business and hobby separate and treat their investment sacred.

Our Solution: Beyond being a top-tier retailer, we have built a replicable business model that is designed to perpetuate several significant subscription-based revenue sources that are largely pure-margin for the business. Our business model is replicable, predictable, and designed for standardized multi-location operations. We have backed this up by investing and continuing to invest in corporate Midwest Shooting Center locations.

Regulation challenges

Industry Barrier: Regulation challenges such as zoning, EPA, OSHA, and the ATF. Learning these nuances, in addition to, normal business regulations that every business faces is difficult for many operators to overcome, especially in the early days when they are unable to afford specialists.

Our Solution: As a franchisee, you will have a team of professionals that will assist in the pre-opening/post-opening hurdles that an operator will face, including overcoming regulation challenges and industry best practices.

Retail commoditization

Industry Barrier: Most range operators are drawn to the firearm industry due to personal passion (i.e. they want to sell guns). The issue is, guns are a low-margin venture and retail sales can be volatile. The industry, largely, has not operationalized subscription-based revenue sources to offset these shortfalls in retail.

Additionally, new operators do not have buying power in retail and pay a premium for product. This typically lasts for 3-5 years after entering the industry- 3-5 years where these operators are at a disadvantage on retail.

Our Solution: A best-in-class blended margin in our industry has been held to be between 32-34%. Midwest Shooting Center regularly achieves margins in excess of 56%.As a franchisee, you will have a significant brand behind you, one that brings credibility with industry participants. The goal is to bring immediate purchasing power to the franchisee to more than offset their royalty. Additionally, you will gain access to preferred vendors and preferred vendor price discounts.

Complex business model

Industry Barrier: The complexity of the business model coupled with most operators having no experience as range operators leads to difficulties in gaining the financing required to complete a project.

Our Solution: Significant investment risk is offset by partnering with a brand that has done the development work on behalf of the franchisee. At Midwest Shooting Center, we have a proven model built on systems, processes, and diverse revenue streams- 2 of which are subscription-based and recurring.

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A Growing Industy

 $63.49 Billion

Economic impact of the firearms industry

77.49 Million

Adult firearm owners in the United States

 5.4 Million

NEW firearm owners in 2021


Who is the ideal franchise owner for Midwest Shooting Center?

The ideal franchise owner for Midwest Shooting Center is someone with a track record of success in a business environment and passion for our industry. We provide the playbook and support, but ultimately, our franchisees must be self-starters and leaders of people (We are in the people business, not the firearms business). Having a team-oriented attitude, willingness to learn, and will to win are critical components for our corporate staff and franchisees alike.

I've never owned a firearms range before- do you provide support?

Yes. The support and ongoing training you’ll receive from Midwest Shooting Center is one of the key advantages in franchising with us. We provide help with everything from site selection and buildout, marketing, operational efficiency, technology, professional development, and much more.

Can I re-brand my existing range, and if so, how much would this cost? Timeline to convert?

The short answer to this question is “yes”. From a cost standpoint, this will vary depending on our review of your existing range and the work needed to get it into compliance with our brand standards. Our timelines for the re-branding are flexible depending on scope of work needed to get the location into our brand compliance.

Is Midwest Shooting Center able to be scaled up to multi-level ownership?

Yes! The proof of this is our corporate stores.

Do you provide a discount to veterans?

Yes! We believe that veterans make exceptional entrepreneurs, which is why we offer a 20% discount on our initial franchise fee to all qualified, honorably discharged US military veterans. We want the path to ownership to be as affordable as possible as you start your next chapter. We thank you for your service!

How much does it cost to open a Midwest Shooting Center? Fees?

Cost depends on size, location within the country, and many other variables. Our team will walk you through all costs and fees once you inquire.

Can I open a Midwest Shooting Center franchise in any state?

No, we are eligible to franchise in 41 states. Please contact us for availability.

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Expansive Services

membership Membership

Memberships are the foundation of our recurring revenue model and combined with training, these recurring revenue sources cover 85% of costs within the first 12 months of operation. Midwest Shooting Center members receive reciprocity to all Midwest Shooting Center locations.

membership Training

We are proud to have a proprietary training curriculum and internal processes to manage a highly profitable, high-volume training department. Combined with our membership program, these recurring revenue sources cover 85% of costs within the first 12 months of operation.

membership Range

Typical Midwest Shooting Center locations have 2 bays with 20 indoor lanes - all equipped with the newest state-of-the-art technology in the industry. A wide arrange of rental firearms is available to customers, in addition to online lane reservations.

membership Retail

All of our locations carry a full-line of retail products to include firearms, ammunition, and accessories. Our corporate stores assist in providing the franchisee with a strategic purchasing process designed to maximize sales yielding the best margin possible. As a Midwest Shooting Center franchisee you will have immediate purchasing power in an industry that is not typically favorable to new operators.

membership Events

We have curated event packages to provide a unique event experience to our guests. These events are a way to bring in new customers who may have otherwise never come in.

membership Gunsmith

Our gunsmith partnership allows us to accommodate essentially any gunsmith service our customers need- making us a one-stop-shop for our customers. This service scales to our franchisees and effectively guarantees profitability in the department.

MSC Customer Service

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