Our Mission

“We are dedicated to building a great company that positively impacts the lives of our employees, customers, and communities by revolutionizing the firearms industry through a modern, experience-driven, business model.”

Our Story

June 2016


Midwest Shooting Center was founded by former United States Marine Corps Officers, David Sabo and Jeff Swinford. The business was started in June-2016 as an e-commerce retailer selling firearms through a basic website and various firearm auction sites. The business was met with immediate success

March 2017

MSC Ammo Stock

Expansion into a 2,000 square foot retail location soon followed in March of 2017. As their experience and customer following in the industry grew, it became apparent that there was an invisible barrier to entry for many customers (non-experts, specifically) due to many peers in the industry being perceived as outdated and intimidating. These industry norms presented an opportunity to provide a better experience for customers

April 2018

MSC Range

In April 2018, the decision was made to build an indoor range/retail location that had a broader commercial appeal than was typical in the industry. The concept was to be inviting, personable, and community-oriented. Rather than focusing just on retail product, this location was to have a range, experienced trainers, and other amenities required to break down the barriers to enter into the firearms industry

March 2019

MSC Lima

Midwest Shooting Center in Lima, Ohio opened in March 2019 with 1,000 active members on opening day. Through the immediate support the location received it became evident that providing a more approachable business model with surprisingly personable staff resonated with the community surrounding the facility

September 2021

MSC Fort Wayne

Midwest Shooting Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, our second location, opened in September 2021

November 2021

MSC Pittsburgh

Midwest Shooting Center in North Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our third location, opened shortly after our Fort Wayne location in November 2021

January 2022

MSC Toledo

Our fourth Midwest Shooting Center location opened in Toledo, Ohio in January 2022

January 2023

MSC Toledo

We began our exciting venture into franchising. With a strong reputation for providing a high-quality shooting experience, Midwest Shooting Center is looking to expand its reach and bring its unique blend of exceptional customer service and state-of-the-art facilities to new markets across the country. By offering franchise opportunities, Midwest Shooting Center is poised to bring a new level of innovation and excellence to the shooting industry while providing aspiring entrepreneurs with a rewarding and profitable business opportunity.

March 2023

MSC Dayton

Dayton, OHs Grand Opening marked a significant milestone as our fifth Midwest Shooting Center. Our goal was to make Dayton's Midwest Shooting Center a hub of excellence in the region, catering to the needs of all firearm enthusiasts and creating lasting memories for years to come.

July 2023

MSC Dayton

Top Gun Shooting Sports of Detroit, MI, officially joined the MSC family in July 2023. This union marks a momentous occasion as we expand our Midwest Shooting Center community, uniting two premier shooting sports destinations under one banner. With a shared commitment to excellence, safety, and fostering a strong shooting culture, the partnership promises to elevate the shooting experience for enthusiasts in Detroit and beyond.

August 2023

MSC Dayton

Our seventh range + retail location opened in Cincinnati, Ohio in August of 2023