midwest gunfights

Experience simulated combat using Ultimate Training Munitions! We host open gunfights every Thursday and Friday using real firearms that are converted to shoot UTM training ammunition. Use one of our AR-15’s or Glock Pistols and experience the closest thing to real combat! Do you own an AR-15? If so we can actually convert it to shoot UTM ammo! We run multiple scenarios in our simulated town that will give you an adrenaline rush like no other.


Play airsoft in our simulated town complete with 2 story buildings, vehicles, and breachable doors! We compete in “daytime” and “nighttime” conditions, so bring your weapon lights! We will be running various scenarios such as capture the flag, “team deathmatch”, breach and clear, VIP, and all-out war! Our DTA area is perfect for CQB.

the ultimate bachelor party experience

Cheaper than a trip to Vegas, and more fun! Send the bachelor out properly with the MSC experience. Let the rounds rip through some of our machine gun rentals, or experience simulated combat in our dynamic training area! We promise you will have a blast!

3-on-3 Combat Tournament

Grab 2 friends and come compete in our 3-on-3 combat tournament!We use training ammunition fired from real firearms to create an adrenaline rush you won’t forget. This will take place in our 15,000 square foot dynamic training arena. This area contains 3 two-story buildings, one single-story building, and 2 vehicles. We even have training flashbang and frag grenades!

UTM Ground War

Test your tactical skills using training ammo fired from real firearms in our dynamic training area! Using our UTM products (Ultimate Training Munitions) we will be running several different game modes. Get real training value and a huge adrenaline rush while competing against your friends in intense conditions.

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